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Perfect for the party, the parade, perhaps the presentation! Whether you're making a statement or just plain fooling around, these wings certainly bring attention, start conversations, and definitely break the ice!

What are these wings made of?
These wings are handcrafted from recycled nylon stretched over a flexible wire frame and then artfully painted by hand. Some designs are copied from nature, some are just fanciful, and some even patriotic! Some designs have glitter highlights for effect. When shaken, some of the glitter falls like pixie dust!

What makes these wings better than the others?
Other wings being sold out there just fall flat on your back when worn. Our wings on the other hand, can be adjusted to any delightful angle you like. They just seem to look more authentic that way. And just wear them with any outfit you like, and there you have your costume! Sometimes you just need wings!

What is the approximate size of the wings?
The size will of course vary with the style and being handmade, even those of the same style may not come out with the same size. Some of the pictures have mannequins in them to show the relative size of the wings to an adult body or that of a child. Adult sizes are about 23 inches high and with the wings spread out completely wide, 26 inches wide. Child sizes are about 15 inches high and 22 inches wide (also spread out wide). Children do not come with the same size too, generally however, the child size wings will fit kids up to 9 years old.

Can we use these wings with expensive or delicate clothes?
These are hand painted products intended for fun and play. You should use discretion when using them with expensive or delicate clothes. Movement and constant rubbing at the point of contact in the back can cause some of the paint to rub off. Also, some designs have glitter on them and like pixie dust, they fall off when shaken. This is a desired effect in some cases.

Are they safe for kids?
As with anything when it comes to little kids (even pets!) They should not be left unsupervised. Kids can do the most unpredictable things. And pets don't exactly like having things put on their backs.

Do they require any special care?
The wings are made from spring wire and nylon. They are very flexible and tough. That being said, nylon is not flame proof, so keep the wings away from open flames like candles. When opening the package upon receipt, be extra careful using scissors, knives, or box cutters. A small puncture or tear on nylon can easily become a big "run". To open the wings, it is best to handle it at the node where the wings are joined. Do not use excessive force in trying to re-shape the wire frame as the nylon is stretched rather taut.

Are credit cards accepted?
Yes. You can pay for your shopping cart with any of the major credit cards. Visa and MasterCard payments are accepted in our web site. All other cards, including American Express can be processed though PayPal. It is not necessary to have a PayPal account to do so. However, if you have a Paypal account you can pay with funds from your checking account via eCheck and it can be with a number of major currencies.

I had an old PayPal account that I do not want to use anymore, is this going to be a problem?
No. When you get into the PayPal website after check out, PayPal provides an option which says: "If you do not currently have a PayPal account [Click Here]". You just need to click on the button indicated and proceed as though you have no account with PayPal. You can then pay using any major credit card you choose. Also, do not open a new PayPal account when asked, unless of course you want to.

What about Check or Money Order payments?
Money Orders and checks are welcome but must be in US Currency only. Checks or MO's in any other currency will be returned via surface mail and the order cancelled. Directions for sending checks or money orders will be provided in a confirmation email upon submission of the order. All money orders and checks will have to be cleared by our bank before shipment will be made. Note, however, that orders to be paid by checks or money orders will be kept open and the item(s) in reserve for two weeks to allow for mailing time. If after two weeks, payment is not received, the order is cancelled and the item(s) returned to inventory as available for sale.

How soon do you ship orders?
Shipping will be made every Tuesday and Friday of the week. The cut off will be for purchases received or cleared at the end of the business day before (US EST). Some shipping may be done on other days to accommodate urgent purchases but this must be confirmed via email beforehand.

How are orders shipped?
All orders within the USA are shipped via USPS Priority Mail with Delivery Confirmation. Outside the US, the shipping and handling charges are calculated with USPS Global Priority Mail rates in mind. Express Mail service both US and International may be selected upon check out. Extra charges, of course, will apply. One thing about Global Express Mail though, is that the USPS provides package tracking while Global Priority does not. Express services also has automatic insurance for up to $100.

Is there a shipping & handling discount for multiple orders?
Yes. US orders have an estimated shipping and handling base rate $7.70 for small wings and $8.70 for the large wings. Subsequent items add only $3.70 each. For non US orders the S&H base rate ranges from $42.50 to $46.50 depending on the Postal Zone. Subsequent items for non US orders add $5.50 each. These rates reflect the new postal rates charged by the US Postal Service effective last March 14, 2010. Express Mail service rates are a somewhat higher. Actual postage will be calculated upon check out. International Global Priority Rates have been severely affected by the new USPS rates that we strongly suggest using Global Express Mail instead considering the advantages of on-line tracking and insurance.

How long will my orders take to get to me?
Within the US, the USPS Priority Mail service takes about 2 to 3 days. Outside the US, the USPS Global Priority Mail Service takes about 6 to 10 days. We use these two services for most of our shipping as they provide the best balance between cost and delivery time. Express Mail in the US is 1 to 2 days, and outside the US is 3 to 5 days. Shipments outside the US are sometimes delayed further by security and customs checking. Please check with your local postal office if the package seems to be late. Our shipment confirmation email will always have a reference or tracking number you can refer to.

What is your return policy?
Returns made within 15 days from receipt are gladly refunded. You will just need to contact us for a return address and a return authorization number. We do not charge a re-stocking fee, however, while we refund in full the cost of the wings, the shipping and handling is not included and the return postage will also be at the buyer's expense. Refunds will be either by refund credit from PayPal to your credit card or by a refund check at our option. Refund will be made immediately after we receive the returned items.

Do you maintain a privacy policy?
Yes. We respect the privacy of all our customers and visitors. Any and all information you provide in our web site will not be sold or in any way shared with other companies, businesses, or organizations. Exceptions of course, are the Post Office, freight companies, banks, credit card companies, and all those involved in the processing and fulfillment of an order.

How do we contact TheButterflySource?
At the bottom of the web pages is a link to our eMail address. We can be contacted via eMail to "Sales@TheButterflySource.com". Mailing address information will be provided via email when appropriate.

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